Proyek Vs Program

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Perbedaan & Hubungan
Manajemen Proyek
Manajemen Program

Project : a combination of human and non-human resources pulled together in temporary organization to achieve a specified purposes Project Management : a set of principles/ methods/ techniques/skills for achieving a set of objectives or completing a set of tasks. Program : an endeavor of considerable scope encompassing a number of project. Program management : the management of a related series of project executed over a broad period of time, and wich are designed to accomplish broadgoals, to wich the individual project contribute.

4900295984258001098425Program terdiri dari beberapa project yang saling berhubungan dan berkesinambungan Program

Project dimulai dan diakhiri pada titik tertentu, jangka waktunya relatif pendek.

Program dimulai pada titik tertentu dan tidak ada/tidak diharapkan berakhir, jangka waktunya relatif panjang.


The process begins with a multi-diciplines team conducting a through inspection of the facility (should include architectural representative and structural, mechanical & electrical engineers. Premature deteriotation :

Increasing backlog of deferred maintenance task
Inability to meet ongoing component renewal requirement
Constrains :
Inadequate Funding, mainpower and priority
Maintenance without due attention

Two components in final facility plans :a work (tasks) plan and a funding plan (with normaly incorporate deferred maintenance and component renewal costs). The costs of achieving is not simply the current deficiency rapair costs, wich have already been identified. To provide realistic budgeting, we must consider inflation, facility growth, plan deterioration. It is necessary to estimate the costs (in current) of repairing these deficiencies, or replacing the equipment or systems. (including past...
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