Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management

Submitted to:
Sir Liaqat Javeed
Submitted by:
Iqra Javaid
Semester 4th

I have selected “Sadaqat Textile (PVT) LTD”

Continuous improvement and quality status in
Sadaqat Textile Limited
Organization name: “Sadaqat Textile (PVT) LTD”

Address:Sahianwala Road Khurranwala Faisalabad

Persona who interviewed:
Name : Amir khan
Designation: Quality Manager
Contact no:

Industry:Textile Age of organization: 2004-present
No of Employees:2000+Relative Position:Large

Annual capacity: 100000 P/Month

Average sales: Depend on order
Products: Cold cover set, Duvet set, Fitted sheet, Curtain, Terry towel

Markets: USA, UK, England
Export Volume: 99%

Total Quality Management in Manufacturing Industry:

Total quality management (TQM) has been a popular business strategy in many leading manufacturing organizations over the past few years .There are some manufacturing firms that have been successes, and some have been failed with TQM implementation. A large number of companies that have implemented TQM are large multinationals companies (MNCs) such as Hawlett-Packard (HP), International Business Machines (IBM), and Nokia. The practical use of quality methods in SME’s are today still limited .The reasons are several but especially local networking between SME’s and long term training in quality methods have been identified as critical factors for successful implementation .In this era of global competition a company needs to apply new quality techniques in form of strategic management, quality assurance, quality systems, quality control etc. In other words organization has to implement the concept of TQM. This concept provides the approach to realize the manufacturing strategy leading to fulfillment of organization’s corporate strategy .The principles of TQM philosophy would increase a firm’s commitment to quality and once they are applied correctly enhances the firm’s competitiveness position in market, because the TQM principles support the business practices e.g. cost reduction, enhanced productivity, improved product quality and output.

The majority of successful manufacturing companies have adopted TQM techniques and acknowledged its intangible contribution. However, the importance of TQM practices as an effective pillar of corporate strategy for achieving manufacturing excellence cannot be denied. The concept of manufacturing excellence is regarded as the path to become the best manufacturer. Many researchers, while developing their frameworks have considered TQM as key element for achieving manufacturing excellence


Half a century ago, a textile trading family, known as the Sadaqat family started their textile business, in a small suburb; Chiniot, near Pakistan's famous textile city “Faisalabad”. The newly established business was based on the core values of honesty and quality in business.

Sadaqat Limited has a long history of successful business operations based on highly professional and ethical practices, focused to achieve total customer satisfaction. Recognized as one of the major industrial business concern in Pakistan, Sadaqat is astutely diversified and includes manufacturing operations in home textiles. The management of the company is committed to the maintenance of international standards, along with a continuous effort in actually raising acceptable norms of quality and services in order to be dynamic and at the same time successfully meet the new challenges of ever changing business environment by adopting pro-active behavior.

Sadaqat Limited aims to represent the quintessential heritage of Pakistan and assimilate it with the latest trends prevalent in the home textile industry. With more than half a century of enriched experience and enchanting spectrum of home textile has earned Sadaqat numerous patrons all across...
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