Total Knee Replacement

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9 February 2012
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Total Knee Replacement
This article talks about how more and more people are requiring knee replacements. This type of injury results in an injury that might have happened when the patient was younger or maybe even something recent as a severe fall. Patients are complaining about so much pain in their knees and this is an outlet to fix their knees. Also, this is a surgery that is needed to correct patient’s knee osteoarthritis and this is called Total knee replacement or Arthroplasty (TKR or TKA). Some Doctors are suggesting that they use cement for the prosthesis than letting the bone grow. These TKAs have a porous-coated femoral component, encouraging bone ingrowth, rather than being cemented into the medullary canal. When the doctor performs this type of surgery, the patient needs to be off their feet for at least six weeks or more, depending on the pain. TKA surgeries provide the most accurate bone cuts, sizing, and orientation of the prosthetic segments. The surgery requires an 8 inch incision from the superior aspect of the patella to the tibia tubercle. Depending on the damage to the ligaments, he may have to remove the posterior cruciate ligament but this is up to the doctor at the time of surgery. After the surgery, metal staples are placed to keep the incision intact. This is a great surgery since my father had it performed 2 years ago. His knee was in bad shape from arthritis and is doing great since the surgery. With all the knee injuries in all sports, I believe this process is the way to add years to the athlete’s life game time. TKR has come along way from years back to now. Not only have they improved the technology but there are more doctors doing this procedure. For instance, Tiger Woods had this procedure done 2 years ago, and now he is competing just as he did when he was at the top.

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