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Civil or non-criminal wrongful conducts or omissions arising out from non-contractual obligations and causing injuries to another party by providing remedies for the injuries.

“Tort”norman-french language –means mischief and wrong Comes from latin- tortus – means crooked, wrung and twisted.

Sir John Salmon – Tort: a civil wrong for which the remedy is a common law action for unliqudated damages, and which is not exclusively the breach of contract or trust or other equitable obligation Sir Percy henry Winfield- tort – the breach of duty affixed by the law, where the duty is one towards the person generally and its breach is redressible by action of damages

Person commits tort = tort-feasor/wrongdoer
Wrongdoing – tortious act
Injured part – can claim unliquidated damages eg. Compensation Damages – not specified – decided by court

Tort comprises of following features:
* Tort – non-contractual civil wrongdoing or omission
* The wrongful act or omission injured the interest /rights of other party * Affected.injured party – rights to claim for unliquidated damages

Torts divided into 2 classes
1. Unintentional torts – negligence, strict liability
2. Intentional torts- trespass, defamation
-Failure of exercise care
-harm caused by carelessness, not intentional harm
Definition – by Professor Percy Henry Winfield:
Negligence: the breach of legal duty – to take care, which result in damage, undesirable by the defendant to the plaintiff. <3 Lochgelly Iron and Coal Co v. Mcmillan: neg – more than careless and heedless conduct. It implies the complex concept of breach, duty and damage. Suffered by the person to whome the duty is showing.

Negigence – 3 elements – must be proved by the affected person 1. There is a legal duty of care owed by the tort-feasor to the affected person 2. There is a breach of legal duty by tort-feasor

3. The breach of duty brings damage or injury to the affected person -Legal...
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