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Topics For Oral Credit 2 Term Economics

By Lera-Yanchuk Apr 16, 2015 537 Words
 2-nd term Topics for the credit
1. Discuss the impact of globalisation up to now on the world. 2. Discuss the impact of globalisation up to now on your country. 3. Discuss the impact of globalisation on your own life.
4. How is the internet changing our life?
5. Categories of non-verbal communication.
6. Body language speaks louder than words.
7. Cultural conflicts: communication and culture, ethnocentrism, stereotypes and prejudice. 8. In your opinion, what area of culture creates the most serious problems in intercultural communication? 9. What is the difference between having pride in one's identity and being ethnocentric? 10. How can harmful stereotypes be combated?

11. Adjusting to a new culture. Stages of adjusting.
12. What makes people migrate?
13. What are the effects of migration on the economy of the country. 14. What factors make culture shock easier to overcome?
15. What is the best way to prepare for life in another culture? Ethical values:
16. "If God didn't exist, it would be necessary to create him". Argue for or against. 17. What do different religions have in common?
18. What kind of religious instructions, if any, do you plan to provide for your children? 19. Discuss 10 Commandments. Which of these commandments do you feel are important rules for 21st century Ukrainians to live by? Which are the rules you want to live by? Why? 20. The message of Desiderata (Headway Adv. Un. 12).

21. What virtues do you appreciate most in people?
22. The problem of evil.
23. Before you change the world, you have to change yourself. 24. What makes young people join religious cults.
25. ’’If people adopt Victorian Values, it will result in an excellent society’’ (Headway Up.Interm. T. 33. An interview with Mrs. Thatcher). 26. Capital punishment: restoration or abolition?
27. Drug taking should/should not be illegal. Substantiate your point of view. 28. Effective measures for counteracting violence in our cities. 29. Prison is no answer to crime.
30. Every citizen has the right to possess a gun to protect himself. 31. What makes young people commit crimes?

Accounting and Finance:
31. In your country, what process do you have to go through to be able to work as an accountant? 32. What are the three main advantages of an employee who holds a recognised accountancy qualification? 33. Which of the accountancy specialisms do you think would be the most interesting to work in? 34. What benefits can a strong accounting profession bring to developing countries? Think about trade and stock markets, local economies, companies and employees. 35. What advantages are there to both employers and employees in having links with professional accounting bodies? 36. International financial reporting standards.

37. Advantages to companies around the world of sharing a common set of accounting and reporting standards. 38. Companies publish forecasts of their expected results. Who are these broadcasts aimed at, and why do companies publish these regularly? 39. Accounting for banks.

40. Oversees investment.
41. Think of any start-ups which have become very successful in the last few years. What factors do you think contributed to their success? 42. Corporate environmental issues.
43. Responsible investing.
44. Company insolvency.
45. Banking – a risky business.

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