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Top 10 Mobile Trends for 2013
1. Brands Will Care Even More About Reviews. Before any actual purchase, about46% of consumers research on the product or service first – via their mobile. This is crucial because mobile is present all the way to the point of purchase (present from discovery to purchase). 2. More Brands on Mobile. The increasing penetration of mobile in virtually every society is a marketer’s dream come true: access to more people, longer. 2/3 of Filipinos sleep with their phones, and over a quarter check their phones over dinner. This means unprecedented access to mobile users, if brands and companies can capitalize on this fact. This trend is probably the same all around the world as well. 3. From Web-based to Mobile-friendly. With about 75% of companies lacking in a mobile-based strategy, getting on it now grants you and your business crucial first-mover advantage. Make your blog or website mobile-adaptive; develop and invest on more mobile advertising. Hit hard while competition is low and you could be leaving everyone else behind. 4. Expect Super-Targeted Ads. The average person is exposed to several thousand ads a day. Let that sink in for a second. How many do you remember? We share a LOT of data via mobile; mobile-accessed social networking accounts, videos we watch, and locations we check-in to, our interests are ripe for the picking (expect some privacy issues on this one). 5. Unified Experience Across Devices. How many times have you been frustrated that an app works on one device, say an iOS, but not on another, like Android? In a bid to reach more people (together with mobile’s growth), expect developers to focus more on allowing consumers to have the same experiences regardless of the hardware. 6. Better Rewards System. Brands and companies are constantly looking for ways to reward loyal consumers and lure away the competition’s current crowd. With mobile enjoying a 111% penetration in the Philippines (something that’s also quite high...
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