Popularity of Smartphones

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Popularity of smart phones

Introduction of Topic

I am doing a research on smart phones and how popular they are among my classmates. Firstly I would like to define what is “smartphone”. Smart phones are mobile phones that offer advanced capabilities such as Web access and E-mail also runs complete operating system software. Provides various applications created by third parties and features a larger screen and faster processor than standard mobile phones.

Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this survey is to understand students’ (Prime International College; Business Statistics class students) smartphone usage, preferences, perceptions, spending and needs.

Survey methodology
In order to gain a better understanding of students smartphone use, I created a survey named “Popularity of smart phones” and I asked students from my class to complete this questionnaire. Those that did not have a smartphone did not finish the survey after the first five questions since questions were mainly about how each person used his or her smartphone.

Sample selection
I prepared a paper survey with 12 questions and I proposed to my business statistics classmates. My data are selected into a sample on the basis of pre-specified characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity, etc. so I used quota-sampling method. 30 students were submitting back to me the completed survey. The questions in the survey can be categorized as basic questions such as age, gender, ethnicity, occupation and specified questions related to smart phones such as smart phone brand, what operating system does the mobile runs on, also the amount of money usually spend monthly on phones, satisfaction with the smart phone and Etc.

Questions were explicitly asked about how students use their smartphones and the types of content and mobile services that they prefer and/or regularly view or use. In order to ensure survey-participant privacy no name were required to complete the survey.

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