Tony Blair's speech

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Britain will be better with New Labour

This essay will include an analysis and discussion of a speech by Tony Blair from 1997. Tony Blair was a Labour Party politician, who in 1997 got elected as Prime Minister of Great Britain. The speech we are analyzing is the same speech that won Tony Blair the election back in 1997, and therefore holds great meaning in British history. 

Firstly, we will have a look at a rhetorical analysis of the speech, by filling in the rhetorical pentagon. The writer of the speech is Tony Blair. The topic of Tony Blair’s speech is the way he wants to renew the political system of Great Britain, by implementing some new reforms, with the purpose of making Great Britain a more equal place for the people of Britain. The reader of the speech is the registered voter of Great Britain - in particular the old supporters of The Labour party. The circumstances of the speech is the election of Prime Minister. The language of the speech is rather formal, considering that he is speaking out to the majority of Great Britain. The effect of this, is that Tony Blair appears more convincing and well structured, both in his speech, and in his way of carrying out his politics. Finally, the intention of the speech is to persuade the recipients of the speech to vote for him as Prime Minister.  

Roughly, Tony Blair’s speech can be divided in two major fragments. An introduction from the first line to line 6, and the speech itself, running from line 7 and to the end. In the introduction of Britain will be better with New Labour, Tony Blair’s intention is to catch the readers attention, by firstly complimenting Great Britain as a Nation, and secondly drawing up some critics of the system as it is now (example on line 3-6; “..Britain can and must be better: better schools, better hospitals, better ways of tackling crime..”) This has the rhetorical effect of putting the ideal Nation up against some issues to be solved, and gives the idea of a man with a...
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