Tomorrow When the War Began Film

Topics: Actor, John Marsden, English-language films Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Tomorrow when the war began Review

Tomorrow when the war began is an Australian film based off of the popular series of novels written by John Marsden. Despite the film having a relatively simple story the film was still quite enjoyable. I felt the real let down was some of the acting. To be fair majority of the actors weren’t particularly experienced. I feel as if a few actors had been swapped around the film may have been more enjoyable. An example of one of the “let down’ actors was Chris Pang who played Lee Takkam in the film. He seemed kind of bland throughout the film, which kind of dragged the film down. The character of Robyn Mathers was also quite annoying and I found her transformation into gun wielding warrior kind of unrealistic. My favorite character in the film was Chris who was the comedy relief stoner. I did enjoy him but I felt as if his character wasn’t really necessary and sort of ruined the serious vibe I think the film was going for.

Despite the simplicity of the film I still enjoyed it even with the weak acting. The beautiful landscapes also made the film visually attractive which always enhances a film. Some of the shots where the characters were driving by the farm in evening are great examples of this. I would have to say that the visuals in this film are the highlight. A lot of lighting in the night scenes also looked very nice. The greatest use of light was the scene in which the helicopter circled the house shining its searchlight into the windows.

I can safely say that this film did have a good flow and seemed to transition quite well. I think the entire back packing in hell section could’ve been cut down because to be fair teenagers’ running around in a lake isn’t particularly entertaining or original. Instead of the lake montage type scene that time probably could’ve been used to build stronger bonds between the characters. I also felt that the film should’ve gone for a more realistic approach. For example in the car chase...
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