Tom Jones- Henry Fielding

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· Tom Jones is represented in the progressing development in his personality. It is sometimes moral, misbehave and illegitable boy.
· He is not fixed charachter.
· End of the novel character has changed ( Tom Jones). In terms of spiritually, he has grown.
· Major elements of epic are quest and journey.
· Romance---Love between Sophia and Tom Jones.
· Seriousness and comedy are another issues. He belives in the idea of mixtured.
· Henry Fielding represents diversity. We can find aspect of literature in Tom Jones. ( comedy, drama, conversation, seriousness) Book 2, chapte 1 (p.39)
"For all which I shall..........And these laws, my readers, whom I consider..........I do not, like a jure divino tyrant, imagine that they are slaves, dignity, and in rending.....I shall deserve or desire."

These laws refers to rhetorical devices and element of fiction.
Jure means blue. This is metonomy. It refers to heaven. There is reference to ancient mythology.
My slaves refers to character amd other elements.

Book 4, chapter 1 (p.102)
"We shall leave to the reader to determine with what judgment we have chosen the several.........heroine of this heroic, historical prosaic poem."

Tom Jones as a heroical, historical prosaic poem a form of "prosaic-comic-epic writing.
Book 5, chapter 1 (p.151)
"For this our determinatin.......abundantly sufficient that........all reasons of that nice unity of time and place which is now established to be so essential or dramatic poetry?"
This is ancient literature----refers to Aristotle.

· In terms of genre, Fielding can not decide whether his novel is a "philosophical history" "a romance" or and "epic-comic prosai" poem.
· In another example of broken stereotype, Fielding characters can not be distinguished by "masculine or feminine"

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