Tom Brennan

Topics: Family, Mount Everest, Mother Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: September 19, 2011
This book is about Tom Brennan

The book is about Tom Brennan dealing with the troubles of his brother who crashed a car while he was drunk and killed 2 friends and put a family member in a wheel chair for life in this easy I’m going to tell you how all the brennan family members dealed with this tragic accident.


Dad is the anchor of the family if it wasn’t for him the brenndan family would be in a very bad position he reacts harshly and moves his family to another town because the dad is a shamed and there getting bulled and its getting worse On the out side his good but on the in side his sad. We see this through the novel (p.g103) Because his taking it all in his going to have to talk to some one soon so he doesn’t adventurously pop


Mum is taking this very bad but she is very slowly getting better She’s try’s to visit Daniel,
she’s got no self care, withdraws her self from life bye laying in bed. After she’s seen Daniel you’d always notes a spring in here step …….. once it lasted two days and as she’s starts to get better she starts to cook for her family.


Daniel is sad and very remorseful he doesn’t look after him self or has self respect because he has flash backs and nightmares and he has lost weight . and now he has suffered depression and now the jail have he’s has tried to get help and some one has put there heart out there he’s gone from jail to rehab and now he’s talking


Straight after the accident tom was taking it really hard. He withdrew to this room as known as the cave, he lost interest to his sports and didn’t speak to any one. But now Toms is taking it rely well. He starting running and he’s now trying to put it behind him. The running has helped him communicate he’s going over seas to climb mount Everest with his gay uncle and he’s going well with his rugby


Kylie is the one that is confuses the most she doesn’t know...
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