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Topics: Scientific method, Science, Theory Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: April 13, 2014

“To what extent is our knowledge in science certain?”

People usually become certain of things after they have been proven to be true. The question we ask ourselves is: “To what extent is our knowledge in science certain?”. Well we may not be a hundred percent sure that what we know is true, yet when it comes to facts that have been proven by scientists, people do believe them, as they are perceived to be a worthy source of information, especially when experiments come along the observation with a thesis that we can assume is true due to the reliable sources. When it comes to science though, the information we may be certain of at some time, may change within a few years, as science is connected with nature, thus we may not predict what may occur in the future, that may undermine our knowledge due to the change of factors that may have led to a disruption of the thesis.

As science is divided into a few types, we are talking about certainty in each of them. When it comes to physics, it has a plentiful of laws that are a base to any sort of experiments, as if such experiment is not checked to be following the laws of physics, we may not know to what extent it may me true, as if it shows contradictory information to any of those laws, we may not be certain that it has a good thesis.

Biology on the other hand is mostly based on observations, upon which experiments are made later on, to see whether the hypothesis may be correct, yet it has less laws that it has to follow, as in this area of science, laws may be created if a certain discovery has been made that includes rules and factors thanks to which the experiment can be made and have a positive outcome.

Chemistry is one of the sciences that seem to be most certain as we can see the results of the experiments we make, thanks to which the output of our observations in a form of a thesis may be visualized. Yet what we keep forgetting about is that despite our enormous knowledge in science that our...
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