Today Economy

Topics: Want, Need, Money Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Today’s Economy
Today economy has not been stable for example for the last few years we have all been in a position where we have to watch how we spend more than we used to. A lot of changes have happened since the economy went down more people went bankrupt, broke, and some even were forced into becoming homeless. It is sad to see that so many people have been affect by the economy’s status. Lucky for me and my family we have been able to make it work so far and even though we watch how we spend and all it’s still hard. Now for me personally it has affected me because when I was looking for a new job there was more competition with people who were much older than me. And because the economy is the way that it is more people are looking for jobs to make some sort of pay to get by in their daily life. Im lucky that my parents can still provide for me but with the money I receive I will put half into the bank and I will then keep the other half, to spend it on things I need so that my parents don’t have to buy it for me. I still receive my pay every two weeks so I do have somewhat of a set pay, which is good for me because I know that I am getting some sort of income. I honestly don’t know what will happen next all I do know is that we can hope for the best. What I want to happen is for us to stop spending money on things we don’t need to, and just have our economy go back up so that people can keep their lives that they have, and for those who can improve their life. I also feel that whenever something goes down it must go up and vice versa. I hope things do improve soon which I think they will in the near future. But until then all we can do is hope for the best and wait for the day that the economy goes up. Some people feel that once the elections are over the president will take more control and try to fix things a bit faster. Others tend to argue that we will be stuck in this boat because the president won’t do anything. But overall majority...
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