To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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Inappropriate Content within Books

To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Assignment
ENG 1D1 03
Alex Gardner
December 2010
Mr. Przemieniecki

Inappropriate content within books

There are many different books that are studied in schools, but one should be removed from shelves. Students should not be reading about certain subject matters until they are fully invested into that specific subject. Certain inappropriate topics are racism and dated subject matter. The book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, should be removed from school shelves because of its dated subject matter, difficult plot and offensive terms.

To Kill a Mockingbird displays very dated subject matter which is one of the many reasons that it should be removed from school shelves. Students would rather read a book in regard to present time or a book written at a different time that they are still able to relate to. To Kill a Mockingbird is not relevant to students today as it was based in the 1930’s. “ I’d hate to see Harry Johnson’s face when he gets in from the Mobile run and finds Atticus Finch’s shot his dog.” (Lee 101) Now, people would just call animal control. The main problematic theme within the story is racism. Scout feels the need to ask her father, “Do you defend niggers, Atticus?”(Lee 79) In the 1900’s, racism was a huge issue in the United States, among other countries, but due to new laws it is not as big of a problem now. Something else that is completely different now is the schooling system. “I never deliberately learned to read….” (Lee 22) Back then average schooling was considered a privilege, but now, in our society, it is expected that each child is given an adequate education. Irrelevant subject matter is just one reason why To Kill a Mockingbird should be removed from school shelves; however a more important reason is its very confusing plot.

Along with its dated subject matter, the plot of To Kill a Mockingbird is difficult to follow, therefore it should be...
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