To Kill A Mockingbird Today

Topics: White people, Black people, Race Pages: 5 (1022 words) Published: December 4, 2015

“Even here in America, people are fighting for civil rights 45 years after the civil rights movement.” -Ruben Santiago-Hudson, actor. This quote explains what is happening today even after the Civil Rights Movement, and explains why I believe To Kill A Mockingbird would still be influential today.I believe the novel To Kill A Mockingbird would be influential to our society if published today for the first time, because the overall theme of the book applies to many of the problems we as a people face today. The overall theme of the book was equal opportunity for everyone. It was set during a time when the color of your skin affected your life because it could limit your education, job, and who you could marry. The shocker and climax of the...

It was released and published during the Civil Rights Movement in America. The Civil Rights Movement was fought by African Americans wanting to end the segregation between them and white people. The novel To Kill A Mockingbird challenged the way people thought and made them question “Could our way of life be wrong?” Eventually the Civil Rights Movement ended with the African Americans decreasing the segregation, but still today there is segregation or hate between or on different groups of...

History just repeats itself, so the same problems America had in the 1960’s are still going on today. The problems of not fitting in or isolating a group because of their differences is still going on today. There is still racism, but also discrimination against religions, especially Muslim right not, but also gender and sexuality with the LGBTQ+ community coming more into the news.Even though, today because of the rich and diverse cultures and differences in our world we should be more accepting of others’ uniqueness. To Kill A Mockingbird would open people’s mind and allow them to break down the walls between differences. As it says on the cover of the book, “ The Timeless Classic of Growing Up and the Human Dignity That Unites Us All.” We are all different, but we as a people have one big similarity. We are all...
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