To Kill a Mockingbird - Character Analysis of Scout

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Character analysis of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird
Scout is a very unusual little girl, both in her own qualities and in her social position. She is unusually intelligent in many ways that is far more advanced than the other children who she associates herself with for example she learns to read before she is anywhere close to beginning school, and she is unusually confident for her age as you can see from the story she never backs down when it is time for her to fight boys without fear or remorse for their feelings, which is a normal quality for a young man of the area but most certainly not of a young lady, she is also unusually thoughtful she consistently worries about the essential goodness and evil of mankind and its effects on the common man no matter what race or color, and she always tries to act from a highly educated standpoint and with the best intentions for all who are involved. In terms of her social identity, she is unusual for being a tomboy in the prim and proper Southern world where the girls are all expected to have absolutely nothing to do with the life of the immature and annoying young men of the community of Maycomb.

One quickly realizes when reading To Kill a Mockingbird that Scout is who she is because of the way Atticus has raised her. He has nurtured her mind, conscience, and individuality without bogging her down in fussy social dealing which she is obviously mature enough to deal with but is far too young to worry with. While most girls in Scout's position would be wearing dresses and learning manners, Scout, thanks to Atticus's hands-off parenting

style, she rarely bothers with the things that most people of the community expect of her she still wears overalls and learns to climb trees with Jem and Dill. She does not always grasp social problems for example she tells her teacher that one of her fellow students is too poor to pay her back for lunch, which scout clearly understands and is not the least bit concerned about...
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