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To Kill a Mockingbird - Atticus Finch

By ay12345 May 29, 2013 439 Words
The novel I have studied is To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee. The character I have chosen is Atticus Finch because he is kind and understanding. Atticus expresses everything that a father should be like. He is a man of great strength and courage. He is a teacher, a protector, and a friend. He takes on these responsibilities without hesitation, and cares for Scout and Jem. Some say it's a poor effort at parenthood, but the reader sees that this is what makes him an exemplary father. Atticus’ relationship with Scout and Jem is built on equality and respect. The simple act of calling him Atticus instead of Dad or Father brings Scout and Jem to the same level as Atticus. As quoted “Jem protested, then pleaded, and Atticus said, “All right, you can come with us if you stay in the car”. Atticus is not only a father figure towards Jem and Scout, but he is also a teacher. Most of the children’s knowledge comes from Atticus because he teaches them the important things in life, the things that you can’t learn from books or blackboards. Jem and Scout respect him as their father, and they value his opinions and advice. He shares his thoughts and wisdom with Scout and Jem. His lessons in principles and standards come in the courtroom, when he's defending Tom Robinson. As quoted “You know the truth, and the truth is this… some Negro men are not to be trusted around women- black or white”. This states that Atticus is not a shallow person and doesn't focus on what they are but who they are. Atticus Finch is a typical man, but as a parent Atticus proves to divert from the Maycomb society. Maycomb society states that children are raised in a traditional matter, such being that children will do everything as they are told and all thoughts that a child may have are irrelevant. Atticus contradicts this principle by the way that he raises Jem and Scout. Although his children dislike attending, Atticus guides them through long and boring school years. As quoted “When summer comes Scout you can do anything you want”. This shows that Atticus bribes Scout to attending school so that he can be rewarded over the upcoming holidays. Atticus role in the book is one of the most important. His children are at an important point in their lives, with a lot going on around them. He is the one who acts as his children's consciences, helping them to develop their own. This influences the readers to reflect on themselves and captures the reader’s attention.

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