To Catch a Thief

Topics: Inspector Clouseau Pages: 5 (1365 words) Published: March 11, 2010
To Catch a Thief

The sun was out as if it shone like a million stars sparkling right at you. Except it was a sad day at the Hinton’s family mansion. For the Hinton’s family it was a very early morning. The mansion was huge; tall and giant like a massive storey building. A door almost made of steel. The ground was so smooth like a pebble being washed away on a beach. Tall, glazed windows were newly installed. There were crunchy leaves; gold, browns, greens, the sight of autumn commenced. You could smell a freshly mown lawn and see the vibrant green grass. Twittering a lot more than usual; the birds understood what was happening. Surrounding the mansion like barbed wire, there were a herd of guards.

It was around 8:00, half an hour after the crime had been taken place. D.I. Grouse came to the mansion out of his Corvette. He stood on the doorstep waiting for someone to answer the door. The butler opened the door and said,

“Oh come on in, Inspector!” the butler muttered to himself.

The butler guided him through the mansion and came to an extravagant living room. This was where the crime took place. The safe was intact and left open, but there were shards of small glass all over the floor, as the robber must have broken the window to get inside the mansion.

Inside the mansion, the interior was spectacular. The mansion was dressed as if it were a palace. The colour of the purple carpet was so vivid. The staircase had more than a hundred steps.

D.I. Grouse was no ordinary man. He was the type of man that was never late for anything, not even a slightest thing. Tall, around 6 feet and his hair was like steel strands. The inspector always used to wear a hat; it was made of wool but shaped like a helmet. He looked a bit like a 21st century Sherlock Holmes; well he certainly dressed like him. He had a long, brown, suede jacket accompanied by his boots with brown laces. He was always perfectly dressed and never the informal sort. Inspector Grouse was a man no one ever heard of; probably because he was a private investigator, very expensive, only someone like the Hinton family could afford to hire him.

The safe was in the wall behind this wonderful portrait of Mr Hinton. The safe was alarm protected but for some reason the alarm did not go off. Behind the safe there were assorted coloured wires hanging out, some of them cut with some sort of tool. This is why the safe’s alarm did not go off.

D.I. Grouse asked Mr Hinton,

"Describe the jewel to me?"

Mr Hinton replied,

"The jewel was superbly cut. Looking through the jewel, you can see a rainbow spectrum floating in mid air. The jewel was a family heirloom it was always kept in the safe; it was never removed from the safe. The jewel was so spectacular, that you could not take your eye off it, not even a pinch of a second."

Mr Hinton began to reveal the location of secret cameras. He said that,

"I had the small of the smallest cameras installed."

D.I. Grouse asked,

"Were there any footage recorded at the time of the crime."

Mr Hinton replied,

"The cameras are never turned off, they record 24 hours a day."

As D.I Grouse walked towards the shattered window, he saw a footprint around size 9.

Thinking hard, D.I. Grouse wrote some notes on his notepad. Confused with the evidence he began to think in deep contemplation. It was now quarter to nine, thunder crackled, and suddenly the rain gradually built up, getting worse. D.I. Grouse had to get back to his office for further investigation. D.I. Grouse was sitting or slouching in his chair, surrounding by piles of papers that needed to be done. Slowly pouring his whiskey in a diamond carved glass; he knew it was going to be a late night. Sitting back in his chair, he slowly began to look over his notes and thought of how the robber got in to the mansion. He thought it would have had to be an inside job, as the security was very tight; due to the 24 hour CCTV and the tall gates. If it...
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