Tiny Beautiful Things Analysis
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If a person has everything they could ever want: a loving significant other, loving siblings, loving mother and in the matter of a couple of years everything you had was stripped away from you. Your entire life was gone. Your mother dies, you fall into a cycle of drug abuse, infidelities, abandonment issues from your sibling, your father and your stepfather. You would feel angry with the world and you would put the entire world of that pain on your back. Would you not want to regain the reigns of your life? Cheryl Strayed shows us that one can learn from their mistakes to become a better person so they don't repeat the same mistakes.
Author of the bestselling essay book, Tiny Beautiful things, her book Wild translated into
40 different
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“For once I didn’t ache for a companion. For once the phrase a woman with a hole in her heart didn’t even live anymore” (299). Cheryl grew out of the fact she needed to fill that void in herself. The closer she got to the finish life, the more she grew and eventually Strayed let herself be free. Cheryl Strayed’s motivation to write the book Wild because she majored in English with a MFA in fiction and her life was so spectacular how can she not write a book about her journey?
Strayed admits she always knew she was going to write a story, but never knew about what until her hike. Strayed has first-hand experience in tragedy because she lost her mother, got divorced, started using heroin, slept around with men and her family drifted apart when she needed them the most. That was her motivation to write, her tragedies are what makes Strayed an expert in being at the rock bottom. All of those things are what made her a professional at loss an suffering. Strayed felt compelled to help people, she in various times loved to help people.
She helped a Doug, a fellow Pacific Crest Trail hiker, with his blisters that he got on his
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Days before she finished her hike, Strayed gets to a river and washes her face and she thought about her mother. She admits she was carrying her
Ramirez 5 mother on her back the entirety the hike and wondered where she was at that moment. She then realized her mother was standing on the other side of the river and at that moment Strayed finally let her mother rest in peace (306). Cheryl realized she went on this hike not to tell herself she wasn’t scared, but to face her demons (122). Strayed wanted to show that you can’t run away from your past, but you need to face them head on and confront the fear that is in your own mind. Strayed wants us to realize that through the darkest times you can and will find yourself. In conclusion, if you have the weight of your past on your shoulders, if you lost something or someone if your life and you felt lost I challenge you to let go of those who hurt you or maybe you hurt. You should and need to go on your own personal journey and find the roots of your issues and get the weight off of your back. No matter what happens in your life, in the end you can come out and live a life you can be truly happy as long as you put your

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