Analysis of Little Women

Topics: Family, Marriage, Shyness Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: June 1, 2014
The summary
The little women’s story begin when Meg and Jo are teenagers and the two youngest are entering adolescence. Their family is in the poorest period since the father is serving in the army. At this time, Laurie, a rich boy, move to this town and become girls’ close friend. Each of the girls faces their moral demons when they grow older. Jo strives hard to be a great writer. The bashful girl Beth has to conquer shyness, while Amy, the youngest one, has to fight against her bosom enemy ------ aristocratic pride. Finally, Meg gets married with Laurie’s gentlemanlike tutor, John Brooke. After Jo refused the courtship of Laurie, she goes to New York to pursue her ambition, in where she meets a learned German expatriate Professor Bhaer, who helps her a lot in writing. Amy takes up advanced studies of painting in Europe following Aunt Carroll, unexpectedly fall in love with Laurie. They go back home when Beth dies at an early age. Jo also returns home and cares for her beloved family. Amy

There are 1000 Hamlets in 1000 people’s eyes. However, I should say, Amy is so as well. Someone think that she is stagy; someone consider her as a childish girl; while, in my opinion, she is a very kind girl. She is described by the author as a girl who own curled golden hair and blue eyes. As an aristocratic young girl, Amy dreamt of marrying a wealthy man, which became true that achieved by marrying Laurie. Since Amy is the youngest one in her family, she was often bullied by her sisters in some sense. When they had a role play in the family, Amy always acted the character which was abandoned by everyone. She compromised to her sisters even though she already said that she would not. At the end, she gave up on art because she thought herself to be lacking of talent. Nevertheless, she had a happiness marriage with Laurie and gave birth to a daughter. The movie vs the book

The movie is edited and adjusted based on the director’s comprehension. Writing about the...
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