Three Types of African Marriages (Informative Speech Plan)

Topics: Africa, Marriage, Polygamy Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Informative Speech Plan:
Speech Topic: Three types of African marriages
General Purpose: To inform.
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the advantages and disadvantages of three different types of marriages. Thesis Statement/Central Idea: Marriage is a social union or legal contract between two different people that exchange vows but in some countries, such as Africa they have different types of marriages. Organizational Strategy: Topical

Main Points: African marriage types go back for centuries and are carried out even today because it is a very important part of their society. Some marriages are a result of two parties while the others are forced upon whether it is a family obligation or life circumstances. Three types of traditional African are arranged marriages, polyandrous marriages, and polygamous. All three may have some advantages in disadvantages in the African society. I. Some parts of Africa have arranged marriage.

A) An arranged marriage is one that parents play an important role in match-making by finding, evaluating, and approving the right type of spouse for their children, who maybe young as 13 years of age, which will allow them to have long-term happiness. Sometimes the girls’ hand in marriage are exchanged for a dowry, such as money or farm animals, between the new husband and family. B) There are many reasons why arranged marriages play an important role in Africa. These are few common reasons for arranged marriages: mutual compatibility, religious and culture, financial needs, and the political alliances. C) There are a few advantages that arranged marriages have. The biggest advantage is that Africans who have arranged marriages have lower divorce rates. Another advantage is that African fathers gain sons from their daughters which may increase the families’ wealth. D) The part of Africa that carries out arranged marriages are North Africa II. In some parts of Africa they have...
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