Three Regions of Colonial America

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Unfree labour, Indentured servant Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: October 28, 2008
The three regions of American colonists had many differences in how things were done economically, religiously and socially. The three regions were also had different climates and a different terrain forcing them to live differently.

New England was the most northern colony. The landscape had very rocky soil. Their whole economy was mainly shipbuilding and shipping. Though they did also participate in fur trading and the fishing industry. The whole reason the colonists settled was because of religious freedom. They believed in the covenant theory that John Winthrop came up with. He believed that their city would be a city that people modeled after for years to come also called “City upon a Hill”. New England also had a tight family unit and a lot of members in them. Also they had a hard work ethic.()

The Middle Colonies were in between New England and the Southern colonies. Now, the Middle colonies had good farmland, good rivers, and ports. The middle colonies did a little bit of colonies when it comes to the economy. They farmed, shipped, traded fur, and had small industries. The middle colonies were an all around colony. Like New England, the Middle colonies were also focused on religious freedom. In the Middle Colonies there was the “Holy Experiment” which the Quakers established to show they can live own their on and function well. In the middle colonies people owned huge estates.

The Southern Colonies of course, were the most southern colony. They had the best land to farm out of all three regions. Their whole economy was farming. Their cash crops were tobacco and rice. That is how people in Southern Colonies made their living. People living down in the southern colonies weren’t very religious. They didn’t care if you went to church or not. They really had religious tolerance. Since the land was great for farming and people had a whole lot of land they hired people as indentured servants to work their fields. After Bacon’s Rebellion they switched...
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