three idiots

Topics: Film, Ranchos of California, The Director Pages: 4 (1649 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Aal Izz Well:It means everthing is well . When facing any situation , wether you accept it or not , you must tell to yourself 〝 Everthing is well . 〞This is a self-suggestion, when our heart do not have the mentality of excluding the external environment, and they will be able to accept the current condition . As I watched the movie "Three Idiots", I didn't expect that this will become an awesome, funny, interesting and very touching movie.It is a movie about how to explain what is a true and good friendship is, and the fulfillment of dreams.I gained many of lessons, most of all,it gives an inspiration to each person who are pursuing their dreams.The film authentically reveals the presence of the director’s personal and creative vision.The director create the movie in a great way how to make the movie interesting, funny and emotional to the viewers.The director also made it as an educational movie to give some inspirational message, most of all to the students who are studying.This film works to a fair extent because of the good-naturedness of the three main characters "Ranchu, Rajo and Fahran". The three engineering students who are the three Idiots become close friends.Rancho,one of the main characters in the movie, is a great person, friend, leader and a smart student. Though he did horrible things, he still done it for a good purpose. One night,When the three friends get drunk, they went to the house of Pia, to allow Rancho confess his love to Pia. The next day, the school director threatens Raju to expel him from school, but Raju begged him not to as his expulsion might be too much for his father.But the school director didn't accept his appology, Raju, quit and commit suicide.After this happened, Raju was survive, and they went back to school in time.On their way out of school at night,the flood occurs, they saw Mona, the school director's daughter, suffering from labor pains and could not be taken because of the flood.They took her to the school...
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