Three Aspects of the Impact Television Has on Society

Topics: Television, Website, 1950s Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: June 15, 2008
Television allows all of us to believe that anything we could possibly dream of might actually happen or exist. Whether being a space traveler or time traveling back to the Medieval Times, television has brought our biggest dreams or fears to life on the screen. How many people could honestly say that they have never wanted to be one of their favorite television personalities before, whether being Jack Bauer on TV’s 24 saving the world every hour on the hour or perhaps ones’ favorite soap opera star? “Today, the average American watches close to four hours of TV each day. Based on this, by age 65, the average U.S. citizen will have spent nearly 9, nonstop, 24 hour-a-day years glued to the tube (, 2006).” But what effect is this made believe world of violence, sex, and rudimentary behavior having on our society? (Summary) Television has been around since the 1930’s though it did not really catch on until the 1950’s. In fact the number of television sets in America alone increased by millions in the first twenty years. Television has been seen as the most effective way of reaching out and influencing the most individuals at any point. Television has had a major effect on the way people view politics and politicians have used this as a major forum to run their platforms and send their messages. Television though also has been keyed as the reason why there is as much violence as there is in society today. The main concern of the impact has to lie on the impact that it is having on children and how they perceive the world. (Paraphrase) Children today are watching television in alarmingly increasing doses. Of course, the impacts are hard to determine due to the variety of factors that need to be examined. Some of the main points to be examined are whether or not parents are with the children and if they talk with them about what they are seeing, the lengths of time children spend watching television, how old the children are, and how impressionable they...

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