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Topics: Agile software development, Extreme Programming, Business Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Case 2-ThoughtWorks(A): Targeting and Positioning Basics for a Services Firm

Targeted Consumers
The targeted consumers identified in the case was the enterprise type, Type A. Type A enterprises “were pioneers of advanced technologies and aggressively adopted high-risk strategies to gain the high-potential rewards, and were frequently among the first companies to pilot innovative technology” (8). Recent studies show that there has been a 50% increase in Type A enterprises. With increases from the initial 15% to 30%, targeting the Type A consumer is looking more promising as businesses are looking for more advanced technology and higher-risk strategies.

Frame of Reference

Product Features
Guerriere’s plan was to not only target Type A organizations, but to target Type A organizations that had adopted Agile or were aware of Martin Fowler and his previous work. Of the waterfall, iterative, and agile methodologies, agile methods (extreme programming) are the most flexible approach to building software. Agile methods ideally implicated small iterations, along with testing and quality assurance that increased efficiency and effectiveness by reducing defects and time. The product features are a lot more high risk than other approaches, because a lot of the implemented software is new oris specifically being developed for the company. Organizations get the top of line technology, but at a high risk cost. Consumer goals

Consumer Goals
The consumer goals of the Type A organizations are to be at the cutting edge of technology. In their minds the new technology means a competitive advantage over rivals. The high potential rewards are what drives them. They're goals aren't just to function, but to perform above the competition. Like ThoughtWorks goals to be the best at providing top of the line services, the consumer goals are type are quite as similar. It's as if ThoughtWorks is attempting to connect with businesses just like them.

Points of...
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