Thought and Completely Different Perspective

Topics: Thought, Meaning of life, Short story Pages: 2 (859 words) Published: January 5, 2011
To Be Humane Or Not To Be?
Sandy Li
How do we tell wrong from right and right from wrong? When we make a choice is it based on our beliefs or what we value in life? As we move on with life, we never really think about all the choices we have made in our lifetime and sometimes we take those for granted. Making a decision can be compared to an example like having to pick which road we want to take. Left or right? We do not know where either will take us but when we make the decision and go through with the experience, we will realize if that was a generally good choice or not. Comparing life is as simple as having to pick what direction to go. Often times when individuals have to go through an experience that impacts individuals significantly or very little, they may not realize what the most efficient choice would be. They may look for an easy way out of the situation or they may have a completely different perspective towards the problem after the experience. As in result, any choice that individuals make can impact them and make them realize if their choice was appropriate and will hopefully learn from their mistakes or little imperfections. When we first encounter a choice, humanity kicks in. In the story, “The Inheritor” by Frank Roberts, humanity is doing the right thing versus acting on human instinct, when it comes to survival. The ability to remain calm in dire situations is not human nature; however, it is a powerful tool used in humanity. Human nature would have the man in a "fight or flight" state. Fight the dog, or escape to the sea and drown. Since humanity values life for all creatures, the man had to kill the dingo (wild-dog) to save both himself and the ewe: “It was in his nature too, to come down from trees and be master on the ground.” The man does not want to save the ewe but he cannot stay in the trees forever, so this brings up the statement about humanity getting involved with choices. The man deals with the problem regarding whether he...
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