Though, the Concept of Community Service Is Not Very New Its Importance Has Developed in the Past Few Years. There Are Thousands of Organizations All over the World That Engage and Hold Millions of Young People All

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The full quote is "For the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world." It is from a poem by William Ross Wallace that celebrates Motherhood and the concept that what a person becomes in their life starts with what they learn from their mother and that ultimately, it is mothers that have the greatest influence on what we are or become.

it is used to signify the greatness of mothers all over the world.It is said that as god could'nt look after all his kids he created mothers as his replicas and hence no matter what faith you believe in it tells us to worship our moms

A Roman Catholic Cardinal once said : “Give us the children until they are seven years old, and you can keep them the rest of their lives.”

He meant, of course, that the first seven years of a man’s life are the most impressionable, and that the teaching and training he receives as a young child will never be forgotten. If in his early years he is brought up as a Roman Catholic, or in any other religion, he will be of that religion all his life.

There is no doubt that the impressions made on the receptive nature of a child in his early years are not easily forgotten, and have a great deal to do with fixing his character and opinions for the rest of his days. Naturally it is the mother who has the greatest influence on the child.

The child is with its mother all day and night; it is the mother that feeds it and cares for it in babyhood; it learns its first lessons at its mother’s knee; and most of its early moral training is given by the mother.

The father is away from home at his work most of the day; and, though he has to take his share in the training of the child, his influence cannot, as a rule, be as great as the mother’s.

It is therefore to a great degree true that men and women owe more to the influence, training and example of their mother in early childhood, than to any other one influence. What they do in the world as men and women is largely determined...
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