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Topics: IEEE 802.11, Wi-Fi, Wireless LAN Pages: 5 (2020 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Chapter 1 1.What is the range of transmission for a WPAN? 10 feet 2.At what rate is the number of wireless hostpots increasing each year? 350% 3.Which of the following technologies came first chronologically? leased transmission lines 4.A Bluetooth network that contains one master and at least one slave device forms a ____. piconet 5.If an organization s data processing center becomes inoperable, it can move all data processing operations to a ____, often within an hour. Hot site 6____ give team-based workers the ability to access the network resources that they need while collaborating in a team environment. WLANs 7.What is the maximum transmission distance for FSO? 4 miles 8.Where must a WiMax transmitter be located? on the roof of a building 9Why is a WLAN less expensive for business than a wired LAN? no need to tunnel through walls and ceilings to install cable 10.The ____ technology has a transmission distance of up to 10 meters. Bluetooth 11.A WAP cell phone runs a tiny browser program called a microbrowser that uses Wireless Markup Language (WML) instead of HTML. True 12.An increasingly ____ workforce is one characteristic of today s business world. mobile 13.A large amount of equipment is required to create a wireless LAN. False 14What aspect of RF may produce biological damage? heating effects 15How many millions of bits per second can be transmitted in a Wi-Fi network? 11 16.An employee who purchases an access point and secretly brings it into the office in order to provide personal wireless access has installed what is known as a ____ access point. rogue 17.When a Web server sends a Web page back to a PC, it is only sending HTML code; the ____ is responsible for interpreting that code and displaying the results on the screen. Web browser 18.Which sector of the economy has adopted wireless technology most completely? travel 19.In a wireless network, the ____ acts as a base station to receive the signals and transmit signals back to the wireless network interface cards in the other wireless devices.

access point 20.A cold site is a fully functional office space generally run by a commercial disaster recovery service that allows a business to continue computer and network operations to maintain business continuity. False 21.Some airlines use WLAN technology to communicate with the aircraft once it has parked or is taxiing on the ground. True 22.____ is a low-power wireless data and voice transmission technology. Bluetooth 23.Where can a RFID tag be read? anywhere within the range of a transmitted radio signal 24.What type of device is used for communication in a fixed broadband wireless network? antenna 25.It is well documented that high levels of RF can produce biological damage. True Chapter 2 1.What is another name for a NIC? client network adapter 2.Microsoft Windows has become the ____ standard operating system today for personal desktop computers and network servers. de facto 3.Which type of remote wireless bridge connection is used to connect multiple LAN segments together? point-to-multipoint 4.How does an access point receive electrical power if it is mounted in a location that is not close to an electrical outlet? through the unused wires in a standard unshielded twisted pair (UTP) Ethernet cable 5.Ultimately, who regulates standards that are developed by consortia? the marketplace 6.De facto standards are not actually standards at all. True 7.What is the name for the computer network architecture standards developed by the IEEE? Project 802 8.If a remote wireless bridge is in repeater mode it functions as a standard AP only and does not communicate with other remote wireless bridges. False 9.CF cards consist of a small circuit board that contains flash memory chips and a dedicated controller chip. True 10.Only one type of wireless NIC is available for laptop computers. False 11.The 802.11b standard can support wireless devices that are up to ____ meters apart. 115

12.Most bridges have what is...
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