This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Az

Topics: English-language films, Friendship, 2006 singles Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: May 1, 2009
Sometimes we believe that there aren’t any more kind and generous people in this world. When we ask people for help in a crisis and they do not follow through, it is those we least expected who jump in and lend a hand. It is only then that we see who our real friends are and get a different perspective on life. In the story, Victor lost his job, and then his father so he asked the tribal council for help. They only gave him $100, which would not even be enough for a flight ticket. It was Thomas Builds-the-Fire who offered help. Him and Victor were once friends as kids but drifted apart as they became older and Thomas became an outcast for wild his story-telling. Victor had once beat Thomas up for no reason at all and years later Thomas was still willing to be a friend to Victor by helping him get to Phoenix and bring his father’s remains back. I once went through a bad breakup and was very broken. My closest friends were there for me, and my mother was supportive, but all they did was tell me I’d find better fish in the sea, when all I wanted at the time was the fish that swam away. Everyone around me noticed my pain but there was a girl in one of my classes who only two years before really disliked me. Maybe she felt sorry for me, but however she felt made her want to be a friend to me. She was always there to defend me, listen to me, and put up with my pathetic sobs, until I snapped back to reality. We’ve been best friends since. This is why I found it ironic that at the end of the story, after all Thomas had done, Victor did not grow closer to him and become his friend again. If I were Thomas, I would feel hurt and taken advantage of. It seems as if Victor was not grateful or appreciative of the friendship and support Thomas offered. And for some reason, Thomas did not expect Victor to be his friend. Thomas understands that people are here to take care of one another and offered his money to Victor to take care of him during his crisis and the only thing he...
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