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6 Objects that represent my personality
The first of the six objects is my family. My family even though we’re “broken” we’re very close. We tell each other almost everything and we always try to spend some part of our day with each other. My brother Austin is a Hopewell senior this year; he helps me with HW and projects on occasions, for example this project because his teacher also gave him this assignment before. Through him I have learned to help others. My oldest brother Joshua graduated from Hopewell in 2011 and now goes to CPCC. To go to college he works at three jobs, he is very determined and hardworking which is how I became hardworking. My mom is very caring not just for me and my brothers but for all of our friends and all of the neighborhood kids as well that is who taught me to be caring. Lastly, there is my dad he is very funny and has a great sense of humor he is the one that showed me to enjoy life and to always have fun. I’ve never told him but throughout my life he has been my greatest role model for me for that I love him. Then, there is my second object which shall be my friends. My friends and I always look after each other. There is one friend though that I can honestly say I was glad to meet. This friend turned out to be my neighbor to this day he is still my best friend and more actually like my brother his name is Dion. We had met in the sixth grade during a fight he told me on that day “that if anyone touched me that he would “handle” them.” From that point on we’ve been best friends and soon after that our families met and became friends as well. Throughout the years he has tried to make me less “socially awkward” by introducing me to new people and by helping I as well as he make new friends. Dion shows me to be tough; that this is just the beginning of our lives and that there is no need to dwell on the past; that there are better days ahead. If I never met Dion I don’t believe I would be the guy I am now. For that I am grateful. My...
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