Third Landscape Design

Topics: Seed, Landscape design, The Shelter Pages: 3 (1058 words) Published: January 27, 2015
Third Landscape Design
Paper by Edison Mecaj & David Kodheli
With the term Third Landscape Gilles Clement used to define the “forgotten” uninhabited spaces . Some are invisibile some are widespread some are small some are in front of us the whole time and we still can’t see them. They come in different shapes and sizes but they all have in common one thing: the absence of any human activity. Our task consisted in choosing and observing different landscapes of our choice as a result of the human activity so we can identify the space as it has no noun or function . Characteristics of a Third Landscape we were looking for : -Third landscape has no scale but it has limits . These limits are usually biological limits. -Third landscape is not in a constant evolution . It is rather Inconstant depending on the modality of the environment . -Third landscape is an opportunity as it is a global landscape without function Inspired by our task we had to the landscape we have in mind. This landscape is situated inside the ring of Tirana. Despite its location it is a forsaken inhabited space. In its prime it was a chemical attack shelter for its nearby inhabitants. Now it’s just a lump on the ground covered by uncontrolled vegetation . Its entrances are used as trash bins and its borders are occupied by abandoned and illegal parked cars. Our imagination did not dare to go inside there and think what kind of flora and fauna could actually grow inside of a humid 50 year old closed basement. Based in these first sight analysis we decided this place was the opportunity we were looking for. To start the action on this newly found Third Landscape we turn our attention to Gilles Clement and his words: “Acting on the Third Landscape is going with, not against nature, complying, observing and intervening as little as possible. Avoiding the regulations and remaining indifferent. Avoiding the assumption of wanting to create models. The...
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