Thinking Critically Simulation Paper

Topics: Critical thinking, Decision theory, Decision making Pages: 4 (1109 words) Published: October 27, 2008
Team-A Critique: Thinking Critically Simulation Paper
Critical thinking is essential in business and in every aspect of life. The more time spent thinking critically about an issue or problem allows the thinker time to generate a response and a course of action. A person that thinks critically about a decision before acting has the best chance of getting optimal results. Team-A has completed the Thinking Critically simulation and has reviewed the results as a group determining that in business, thinking critically can make the difference between success and failure. In the following critique, we will discuss the problem evaluation tools and techniques from the simulation and compare those to the tools and techniques that we would have used in this scenario. Team-A will describe the techniques and tools used to assist with the evaluation and how they affected the decision making process and outcome. Additionally, we will review the outcome of the simulation and any changes in our decision making process that we would recommend to generate better results. Framing the Problem

The Credenhill Industries critical thinking simulation used a variety of tools and techniques to attempt to correctly identify root problems. First, the simulation provided recommendations from Linda James, a high powered executive, who is not only an incredibly knowledgeable resource, but is also a key stakeholder. Next, facts and statistics were gathered and put into the context of the objective. Results from an employee satisfaction survey, market research and employee interviews were just some of the presented information. Finally, an Urgency-Criticality Matrix was used to help determine the priority of the issues identified by the fact gathering process. The problem-solving methods chosen by the simulation were certainly valid given the objective. If a person were to actually put themselves in this situation, they may have added or changed a few of the chosen tools. First,...

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