Things Fall Apart Proverbs

Topics: Culture, Meaning of life, Things Fall Apart Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Things Fall Apart Proverbs
Proverbs are phrases use to explain certain solutions. Proverbs can explain specific situations within certain words to get the point across. The function for proverbs is to describe something without having to be forward with what is being said. There were five proverbs from things fall apart that stuck out to me. These proverbs are “when a man says yes chi also says yes”, what is good in one place is bad in another”, “If I fall down for you and you fall down for it is play”, “A man who pays respect to the great paves the way for his own greatness” and “If one brought oil soiled it others” My first proverb I selected was “when a man says yes chi also says yes” the meaning in the culture is if a person help himself and work hard to become successful then god will help along the way. In their cultural chi is a spiritual being that they look to for guidance. The equivalent American quote that I chose was god helps those who help themselves. T his meaning that people who actually shows that they are putting there all into what they are doing then god will help within the process to help you succeed. The function of the African proverb is to explain how someone is not successful for any reason but that person work hard and was help by a higher power along the way. As for the American quote which is use in religion where believers know that if you work hard then you can go far. The African proverb was use when describing Okonkwo success and that this was not luck he work for it. Okonkwo said yes very strongly so his chi agreed. Secondly the next proverb chosen is “what is good in one place is bad in another” which means that in one cultural some things are acceptable while in another cultural that very same action might not be acceptable. For the American equivalent is pick the phrase “Different strokes for different folks” this means that different people have different opinions about certain thing or actions, what is okay...
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