Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart Essay
In the book, Things Fall Apart, written by Chinua Achebe, A man named Okwonko is desperate to avoid being what his father was like: lazy and undetermined. He is dominated by anger, fear, and impatience which get him in many situations. The tribe of Umoufia represents a civilization that is strictly based off male dominance. Men are only required to be strong, and have a title within the clan; while the women must cook, clean, and take care of the children, and are beat if they do not do so.

Umoufia is a tribe that is based off of stereotypes and sexism. Women are looked down upon as objects instead of people. When they are old enough to get married, they do not get to choose, nor does the father choose. The women are bought and sold with sticks, like an animal and not a human being. This shows that the women are not appreciated, nor given any respect or dignity. They are treated more like slaves, and are not seen as important. When in reality, without women, the tribie of Umoufia would be nothing.

A man gains respect and popularity in the tribe of Umoufia, is a strong, masculine man with a wife, a strong son, and a tough warrior. All men share the same goal, which is to become one of the lords of the clan. To do this, he is a warrior who is strong, brave, and fearless. Unofia, Okwonko’s father was lazy, poor, and a failure. He hated his father and wanted to be nothing like him. Okwonko has no desires for the pleasures in life, such as: dancing, music, and celebrations. Instead he hungers for power and wealth. This means he must run a strong family and house hold; with multiple wives, and many children. Another part of his masculinity is his duty of a solider. He wants to be physically strong in defending his village from incoming threats.

Another way that Okwonko wants to show masculinity is through his children. He wants to pass down all he knows to his kids, and have them do the exact...
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