Thesis Proposal

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A Thesis Proposal
Presented to
The Faculty of College of Arts and Sciences
University of Northern Philippines
Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements in Research 101


In every academic unit, their ultimate goal is to attain the welfare of all students. In the University of Northern Philippines the Student Council (SC) serves as the supreme student government in the academe. They serve as the main example for every organization in showing good governance to its constituents. The Council is also an excellent ground for building up leaders to be the role model to their fellow students.

The Academic Unit Councils (AUC’S) serve as the group of students who shares common interest and ideologies. Students involve themselves to this organization in order to develop their skills and field of expertise for their near future. The officers of the Academic Units Councils are the representatives of the students of the different course in the university. They serve as the voice of their organization to the Supreme Student Government.

The Supreme Student Government cooperates with every Academic Unit Councils (AUC’S) to give assistance for the development and advancements for their constituents. They also answer different hindrances by putting up projects and programs as an answer. The Student councils put up activities and projects like initiated, sponsored activities, co-sponsored, intangible, tangible activities and projects. This serves as a stepping stones and basis of the University in infrastructure and academic curriculum for development. The university also supports the development programs enabling the student’s welfare to capacitate their growth.

To sum up, the conduct of this study may provide a deeper and better analysis on the awareness of the officers of the Academic Unit Councils on the implementations of programs and projects of the Student Council of the University of Northern Philippines and may identify the areas in their performances to be improved. Statement of the problem

This study aimed to assess the level of awareness of the Academic Unit Council on the implementation of projects and programs of the Student Council. Specifically, it sought to determine the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms:

a) age,
b) sex,
c) religious affiliation,
d) academic unit, and
e) media exposure?
2. What is the level of awareness of the Academic Unit Council officers in terms of: a) initiated activities and projects,
b) sponsored activities and projects,
c) co-sponsored projects/activities,
d) intangible projects/activities, and
e) tangible projects?
3. Is there a significant relationship between the awareness of the Academic Unit Council officers and their profile?

4. Is there a significant relationship between and among the Academic Unit Council elected officers of the University of Northern Philippines? Scope and Delimitation
The scope of the study will be delimited to the awareness of the Academic Unit Council on the programs and projects of the Student Council. This study was limited its coverage on the elected officers of the different Academic Unit Councils of the University of Northern Philippines who generously involve themselves in student leadership and volunteerism.

Each Academic Unit Councils officer was given a questionnaire to answer. The independent variables that will be included are the following selected variables: age, sex, religious affiliation, academic unit, and media exposure. The dependent variables that are the following: initiated activities and projects, sponsored activities and projects, co-sponsored projects/activities, intangible projects/activities, and tangible projects....

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