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Thesis Chapter 1

By mayhel07 Oct 15, 2012 690 Words
Chapter 1


This study is about the teaching style of a teacher in math subject. Why teaching style? Because this study will know if the teaching style of old or new teachers is effective for teaching difficult lessons especially in major subjects. And also to know if this is the reason why the students hard to understand the lessons. Why math subject? Because as a student I should know what subject I should give my best of understanding the lessons and out of five subject, mathematics is the most common subject that students don’t want. I choose only 4th year students to be more specific and we all know that 4th year lessons is more difficult than other year levels. So that I come up to this topic, that asking if the teaching style of math teacher in 4th year high school is still effective nor cause of their failing grades. This topic will emphasize why some students got failing grades and what is the other factors that affects their academic performance.

Background study:

This study comes up based on my experience right now. I observe that being 4th year students is not just a joke, it is the level where should be serious to everything, and a time where the students encounter challenges of life. Because this study is base on what I experience I expect that it will be easy to me to explain and to do.

Mathematics is one of the major subjects that students hate so that I choose it to be my reference to know if the teaching style of a teacher is still effective to learn more even the lessons are so much difficult to understand.

Theoretical Framework:

Nowadays students got low grades because they have been busy to other things rather than studying their lessons. That is the reason why their attention had removed to their academic performances. There are such as teaching style, addition of the students on their gadgets, and their attention while class hour.

Conceptual Framework:

Dependent variable Independent variable

* Teaching style
* Unwilling in subject
* Addiction in gadgets

* Academic Performance of 4th year students

Statement of the problem:

Is the teaching style of mathematics teacher may affect the academic performance of the students. If theirs no problem about the teaching style of the math teacher it maybe because they do not have an interest about that subject or because of their gadgets that they use while the teacher is teaching.

Hypothesis (es):

* There is no significant relationship between academic performance and teaching
style of mathematics teacher of 4th year high school in Mt. Moriah Christian Academy.

* There is no significant relationship between academic performance and
unwilling to the mathematics subject of 4th year high school in Mt. Moriah Christian

* There is no significant relationship between academic performance and
addiction in gadgets of 4th year high school in Mt. Moriah Christian Academy.

Scope and Limitations of the study:

This study is focused on the factors that may affect the academic performance of the 4th year students. This research was conducted among the selected 4th year students in high school of Mt. Moriah Christian Academy school year 2010 - 2011.

This study is limited to the factors that makes the grades low of the selected 4th year students in high school. And why some of the 4th year high school students difficult to follow the lessons specially when talk major subjects.

Significance of the study:

To know if the teaching style of teachers is still effective to the students. To know why student use their gadgets while the teacher is teaching. Also to know the other reason why they got low grades. And to know if the students give their more attention to listen in the subject they don’t want or they just neglect it and don’t care if they will fail.

Definition of terms:

* Listening habits - the way you listen to the speaker.

* Study habits - the way that you study the lessons.

* Gadgets - small technological object that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a  novelty. Also known as assets like cell phone, mp3 and etc.

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