Does Things Change in Poor Area of China

Topics: Poverty, Federal government of the United States, Nutrition, School, Money / Pages: 3 (626 words) / Published: Mar 24th, 2013
Does things change in poor areas?
When I was young ,my mother often told me it’s very bitter for them to go to school, they had to get up very early in the morning,then prepared for their brakefast by themselves and did some housework . they couldn’t leave until they finished all of that. They even couldn’t have lunch because proverty. But now ,things about education has changed. Student can get a better care. Now government pay more attention to education,especially in poor areas. Our country has done a lot to improve the education in our country. And they had realized the importance of education for the development of a country since the setting of our country. But they couldn’t do much to poor areas. But now ,with the development of economy, we have enough money to pay for fees for education. Everything has changed in poor areas. Carations from the government push the process of education development in poor areas. Government can support these areas with enough money and good teachers. As a result ,children in poor areas can get the same education resourses as others in rich places. From china daily ,children in guizhou now can get free lunch and beautiful classroom because the aid. What’s more, their family don’t need to care about the payments. In this way ,more children can get the opportunity to know more about the world. In fect, there are so many photographers who care about poor areas. They use their camara to tell people what is going on in poor areas, and try to tell the government. Yes , government can help poor place, but they don’t have enough information. These special people just contribute themselves to the development of poor areas. They even organize activities to collect money for the education of poor places. Most of them will spend most of their time to do that. Thanks to them ,these places can’t perfect their education fast without them. Thanks to the government and people who contribute themselves to education of poor areas, now

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