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Biometric Student Identification By: Jay Fry Ed.D.
June 2009

According to fry, Schools are faced with a myriad of problems never encountered in previous decades. Security has become a significant concern. It is now crucial that school administrators know who is in their schools and where the students are at all times. Accurate and auditable attendance and reporting is vital in not only securing, but also maintaining, essential governmental funding. Accurate identification and tracking of students is now critical in all aspects of the day-to-day management and Administration of our schools. Biometric finger scanning identification offers a cost effective, reliable, easy and efficient way for school administrators to know for certain who is in their schools, where the students are each period of the day, and that they receive the services they require and deserve. By utilizing the unique fingerprint of the student for identification, tracking, and security, the problems and costs associated with the current expensive or inaccurate methods of identification are avoided. Finger scanning is the missing component that provides the irrefutable accuracy that has long been needed in our schools. Cost-effective biometric technology is here today with practical uses for schools. At identiMetrics, the leader in the development, integration and marketing of biometric student identity management solutions for schools, we provide finger scanning identification systems to schools and school districts worldwide, to make things work faster, safer, more reliably and efficiently. It’s just smart business!

Monitoring Attendance Using Biometric By :Henry Taub
February 2013

According to Henry Taub, biometrics is automated method of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic. Examples of human traits used for biometric recognition include fingerprints, speech, face, retina, iris, handwritten signature, hand geometry, and wrist veins. Biometric recognition can be used in identification   mode where the biometric system identifies a person from the entire enrolled population by searching a database for a match.

      A system also can be used in verification mode where the biometric system authenticates a person's claimed identity from his/her previously enrolled pattern. Tokens, such as smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, physical keys, and so forth, can be lost, stolen, duplicated, or left at home. Passwords can be forgotten, shared, or observed. There is a great deal of scientific data supporting the idea that "no two fingerprints are alike."Newer methods, even those with a great deal of scientific support, such asDNA-based genetic matching sometimes do not hold up in court.   Another key aspect is how user-friendly is the system.  Most people find it acceptable to have their pictures taken by video cameras or to speak into a microphone.     When discussing the accuracy of a biometric system, it is often beneficial to talk about the equal-error rate or at least to consider the false-acceptance rate and false-rejection rate together. For many systems, the threshold can be adjusted to ensure that virtually no impostors will be accepted. Unfortunately, this often means an unreasonably high number of authorized users will be rejected. To summarize, a good biometric system is one that is low cost,   fast, accurate, and easy to use.

Biometric Iris Scanning By :Olivia Moran
September 2011

According to Olivia Moran, Iris Scanning is a highly accurate and speedy form of Biometric Testing and is suitable for use in many different situations especially where speed is essential e.g. airports. However, the one major drawback at this time is its high implementation costs. With the development of a more cost-effective system, it is anticipated that iris scanning will be used more wide spread and it will gain a higher level of recognition in the future. Biometric Technology also...
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