Theories of Helping

Topics: Psychology, Theory, Empathy Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: July 18, 2010
Theories of Helping

Theories of Helping
The main reason for an annotated bibliography gives the reader a brief overview of an article or journal without reading the whole thing. The purpose of analysis of the annotation should give the reader a short analysis of the source. Annotated bibliography helps in research because the researcher can get a quick glimpse of the subject at hand and determined if the subject written has anything in common with want the researcher wants, without wasting a lot of time reading the whole journal or article. The five articles below can show a person different approaches on discovering how to help themselves by using tools within themselves. Carlozzi, Alfred F. (2002).Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied. Vol. 136(2). pp. 161-170. This article gives the reader an overview on a survey of what empathy is and the many conceptions of empathy. It also shows us the relationship of empathy and specific theories. From the results found from the survey the care workers who worked with more of humanistic, experiential and psychodynamic theories seem to have similar views about how empathy is defined and viewed. It shows how empathy is used in different theories and how much it is necessary in each relationship the practitioner and client have. Hartley, G.D. (1995, September). Empathy in the conseling process: The Role of Counselor Understanding in Client Change. Journal of Learning. 13 (11).131. This article shows us that it is important to be empathic to our clients, this will show them that we are understandig them and what they are saying. The article shows us three approaches that gives us a look into each theory on empathic understanding. Giving a sense of what the client wants in a session compared to what a clients needs in a session. . Psychoanalytic Theorey, main point to the journal reading is how and when empathy should be used when working with a person. Person-Centered Theory, shows that empathy is one...

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