Themes of 'the Sixth Sense'

Topics: Communication, English-language films Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: October 25, 2005
The three most important themes in ‘The Sixth Sense' are: Trust, Belief and Communication. This is because most of the major scenes in the film are based on these themes. There are other themes but these are the most important.

Communication has got to be one of the most important themes in the movie. Without communication there would be no trust or belief. The main object in the movie is ghosts, and Cole is supposed to communicate with the ghosts. An example of this would be when ghosts try to get help from Cole (Quote: Malcolm says "maybe they don't wont to hurt you, maybe they just want your help."). Malcolm is a ghost himself but doesn't realize it until his wedding ring falls out of his wife's hand. He helped Cole realize the truth by communicating to Cole in a way that he understands. Cole also wants him to understand the way he communicates (Quote: Cole "You believe me right?" Malcolm does not understand Cole yet. Malcolm while exiting the hospital "It is worse than I have anticipated, he has a major case of paranoia."). Cole try's to get his mother to understand him all though the movie, and finally succeeds at the very last scene (Quote: Cole's mother "Did you take the bumble bee pen?" Cole "No" Coles mother does not understand Cole and that is because there isn't good communication between the two characters."). He tells her about the dead lady in the car accident, but when he says "she is right outside my window," her mother turned away again, this also shows that Cole can't communicate with his mother properly. Then he tells her about his grandmother coming to the dance, his mothers eyes popped open, she started to understand (Quote: Cole "she saw you at the dance, she said you asked her a question, and she answered all the time."). Although communication is the most important theme in the movie, there are other themes in the movie that are important, such as belief.

Belief would be the next most important theme in the movie ‘The sixth Sense."...
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