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Topics: Golf, Pine, Baguio City Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: June 21, 2013
The Manor at Camp John Hay Camp John Hay in Baguio City when referred to pertains to at least two parcels of land. One which is actually the CJH military reservation that encompasses the farthest extent that the base has reached in its variably increasing scope. The entire reservation measures approximately 695 hectares. The other is the built-up area inside where the rest and recreation resort facility is located. This portion, measuring 246.9967 hectares, is covered by the John Hay Special Economic Zone and makes up the area leased to CJH Development Corporation. Of these 246.9 hectares, a total of 48.43 hectares (approximately 20% of the leased area) is occupied by the golf course. Only about 22 hectares (approximately 9%) have been designated as areas where development is allowed. The remaining areas shall be maintained as managed forests, making the camp an ideal ecotourism destination for both local and foreign travelers. The development of Camp John Hay is geared towards bringing more and better facilities that will allow for greater interaction between nature and man. This will provide for a better appreciation of nature and assist in the continuing effort to educate our people on environmental protection and enhancement. Given an area to develop amidst the pine forest, the master development plan (MDP) was designed to maximize existing open spaces for vertical structures. Camp John Hay will be developed into an alternative forest destination. Parts of the plan are the upgrading of the golf course, construction of a convention hotel, condotel, country homes, log homes,town center, strip mall, sports and recreation, and an ecotourism complex complete with camping grounds, picnic areas and eco-trails.

Accommodation Tourists now have another good reason to frequent the City of Pines! The Manor is not only distinguished by its impressive architecture and cozy interiors, but also blessed with an environment...
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