Topics: Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac, Conservation movement Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: April 27, 2013
In the book, A Sand County Almanac: With essays on conservation from Round River, I had to read parts 3 and 4. The essays contained in part 4 were,” The Land Ethic,” “Wilderness,” and “Conservation Esthetic.” I am going to be writing about the Wilderness Essay. In the Wilderness Essay, there are a lot of different topics brought up such as The Remnants, Wilderness for Recreation, Wilderness for Science, Wilderness for Wildlife, and the Defenders of Wilderness. I’m going to go over a few of them and give a brief description about them and specify my interest. The reason I chose to write about the Wilderness Essay if I feel I have more of a relationship to the wilderness than I do with land ethics and conservation esthetic. In the beginning of this essay, the author is discussing how man has damaged what was once created by the lord. He also discusses issues that surround the preservation, exhaustion, and the breaking down of wilderness for the transportation of today’s civilization. The author mentioned how some certain values of wilderness should be preserved that can be lost and never found. In The Remnants, the author argues that some parts of the wilderness we are able to view, but things like long-grass prairies, virgin pineries of the Lake Stakes, and the huge giant hardwoods shall never be seen again. Mr. Leopold also speaks about the shrinking coastlines, which is a category of the wilderness. With the coastlines shrinking at the fastest rate, they are getting nearer to the point of complete disappearance. He talks about how the National Parks and Forests need to be handled with care since there is a limited supply left, for the people to view. This would include animals such as grizzlies, caribou, buffalo, and also trees, and plants. Early and recent expansions like the fishing resort and the separation of National Forest from State forest in Minnesota, have threatened the collapse of some areas. He talks about tourist roads...
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