Thelma and Louise

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Patriarchy Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Simonton 1
Kylee Simonton
March 21,2013
English 101
Stereotypes at their Finest

Gender and power relations continue to be at odds with each other. Critically review how we still live in a male dominated society where patriarchal power still holds the key to the doors and windows of freedom, self-identity and expression. Strongly engage with this statement drawing on key actors in the film, also religion, ethnicity and gender relations. The most accepted definition of patriarchy is the “social structure of society based on the father having primary responsibilities for the welfare of and authority over their families.” Patriarchy does not mean that all men are powerful and women are powerless, but it does indicate that mostly men hold the most powerful roles. In the movie Thelma and Louise the men serve in the highest levels in all areas of society therefore, this is crucial when examining Thelma’s and Louise right of equality and freedom; next to all them men they come in contact with. Thelma is a passive housewife who caters to her husbands every need, and she sees nothing wrong with it. This is an example of what was expected of married women. Still is in some cases currently in society. Take a look at the Louise who is the exact opposite of Thelma. She is a single waitress who appears strong, organized, and stern, with a very confident aura about her. This example paints a clearer picture of what you see women’s roles evolving into. Thelma and Louise’s snowball of madness started when Thelma gets drunk and Harlan attempts to rape her in the parking lot; and Louise finds them and threatens to shoot Harlan with a gun that Thelma brought with her. Harlan stops, but as the women walk away, he yells profanity and insults them. Louise looses her temper and fires, killing him. Thelma wants to go to the police, but Louise basically says, “that because Thelma was drunk and had been dancing with Harlan, no one will believe her tried to rape...
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