The Zodiac Killer

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The Zodiac was very real villain, and no this villain does not have a giant evil lair or an army of henchmen. What he does have is a psychopathic and insane mind filled with twisted ideas as well as a bit of genius. This villain is the Zodiac Killer one of Americas most infamous serial killers. The Zodiac was active between the 1960's and 1970's, in this time he took 37 victims in total but the the police only counted seven as definite victims. The Zodiac is like a typical cliche horror movie villain but before the cliche, this mysterious criminal was clever and quick. For years he taunted the police and media, what set him apart from the average day to day serial master mind were his letters. He sent a total of eighteen letters throughout his career if you can call it that, to newspapers mostly though some to private citizens. His letters and cryptic messages would always begin with 'Dear Editor this is the Zodiac speaking.' He would demand for the letters to be published threatening to go on murderous rampages if they weren't.

Way back in 1966 before anyone had ever heard of the Zodiac an 18 year old student named Cherie Jo Bates was found brutally murdered near the Riverside City College's library complex. After disabling her car the believed to be Zodiac approached her asking if she needed a ride home home. The police determined the Zodiac must have had a personal connection with her as she was comfortable having a conversation and accepted the ride. Zodiac recorded this event in a letter titled 'the confession' and sent it to the Riverside Police and the colleges newspaper. This was the first of many letters and confessions to come.

In 1969 the Zodiac story had exploded into news, however the police only began to consider Zodiac as the culprit in 1970 after a meeting between two investigators. After this event there came more murders the police never really being able to pin point a culprit though Zodiac was always a suspicion they never had...
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