The Wonders Of Strict And Non Strict Parents

Topics: Pregnancy, Parent, Parenting Pages: 3 (640 words) Published: April 15, 2015

                                                The Wonders of Strict and Non-Strict Parents.         Many people across the nation gave different parenting skills that they use on their kids whether they are their own kids or guardians. Many parents are extremely strict so it causes the kids to rebel and do things that they are not allowed to do. While other parents don’t care what their kids do they still end up being rebellious and cause problems. What should the nation do in situations like this if they are going to rebel anyway? Truth is there are many solutions to this problem. One can be too strict with no rhyme or reason and can cause their children to become confused and the war is on! A parent may say, "Grow up!" and in the same breath say, "You'll do as I say because you are still a kid!" This is confusing to younger people. They are either old enough to take on responsibility and to learn from their mistakes or they are too young to take on responsibility. It's a real balancing act for parents. A parent should be strict as far as their children having good manners; learning to be loyal to family and friends; staying power when they feel in their heart something is right; getting a good education; following  their dreams and you have a right to discuss with them and prevent them from choosing friends that are nothing but trouble. You have the right to be aware of drugs and to make sure your kids understand the outcome of street drugs and also good information about sex. However, sometimes adults can learn much from the young so it's to a parent’s best interest to listen to their children once in awhile.             Many kids wish their parents were not so strict and would let them party and be out late with friends and not have a curfew because other kids do that. As a result parents end up not letting them go and won’t give them freedom so they end up rebelling doing things behind their back. Other parents don’t want to realize that their kids...
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