the way i intend to live my life

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Eng 101 0783 This is a new start for me and is a new chapter in my life. I have started to pick up the pieces and put my life together again. For this reason I can seriously relate to both of them. In the case of Hodgins he was really scared that the reality of if he didn’t make something of himself and get an education he would ultimately live a miserable life and have nothing to show for himself. That within itself is a very realistic and scary feeling for most people .Hodgins at that time felt he had to do something. It got to the point that all the kidding around and taking life as joke was coming to an end permanently. I too feel like him and I know that I have to do something for myself because I don’t have many years left before, my youngest son is going to be off to college. Then what am I going to do with myself? I can’t just Sit in the window and watch everybody else in the neighborhood continue on with their lives. I don’t think so! I too have decided to take a stand and put my fears behind me and march on .Just like Hodgins did when he realized college was his only hope. Why can’t I like him start my life over at LaGuardia Community College? On Sept 4 the 2014 LaGuardia community college is where I have chosen to start over.Altough I wasn’t even born in 1970 as when Rodinone claims that cuny colleges decided to make open admissions. For not only the elite but made it also available for kids that didn’t perform well in school and who didn’t h have perfect SAT scores ,and almost a perfect grade point average to match. Rodinone took advantage of the new system because he too had to do something with himself. He fear that he would be ridiculed and be in significant disagreement with him. I often feel that way as well. Every day I walk onto campus my stomach starts to drop because I know that I’m getting ready to enter a classroom filled with kids the same age as my oldest son, rather that people of my peers. I’m scared of the new system...
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