The Way of Life for the Inuit People

Topics: Inuit, Northwest Territories, Igloo Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: April 18, 2013
“The Inuit People”
With a population of 150,000 the Inuit people lived in very small comunnites. It was founded in the artic tundra. It was found to be part of the northwest territory. The Inuit’s traditional way of life was influenced by its extreme climate and stark landscapes of the artic tndra. The “inuit” name was known as “the people” in inukitut. The name “eskimo” is taken very serious and personal. The inuit people took it extreamly offensive. Living in the artic had its ups and down’s, especailly the fact that it had no contact with outsiders like Europeans.

Students were sent away for 4 years to a school to get an education from some missions set up to help the villagers get a good education. The only bad thing about it was the fact that the schools discouraged native language. If students came to class and spoke a native american language they were punnished harsly, either with soap in their mouth or having to stick there head agaist the corner of a wall for long periods of time. Most of the Inuits entertainment was from hunting gatherings and raids.

In result to the harsh, cold winters, inuit villagers had a hard time finding building supplies. No trees were found in the tundra. Only way to get wood was from transportation from different villages. The snow was a big factor in inuit life. They used snow for their house’s, also known as igloos. It was the best way to keep themselves from freezing to death or frostbite. As the summer rolled around that ment the snow was melting away so the inuit people had to come up with a plan to have shelter. Their shelter was made up of streched out pieces of animal fur.

Transportation was very small around the artic tundra because of their freezing tempuratures. When they did transport goods the relyed on huskies to pull them around the tundra. They huskies were respected so much because of their strong legs and thick skin for warmth and protection. During the summer they used two different kinds of boats,...
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