The Virgin of Guadalupe

Topics: Mesoamerica, Blessed Virgin Mary, Mexico City Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: September 16, 2011
The Virgin of Guadalupe

1. What does the image represent? The image represents the end of suffering and sacrifice, the conquering of the Aztecs, the combining of Aztec and Spanish cultures along with their different religious aspects, the conversion of Mexico, Central, and South America to Catholicism, and is the national symbol for Mexico. 2. Describe the symbols that form the composition. The crown, ray of light, roses, stars on the robe, crescent moon, angels, sash, dress, roses, prayer hands, clouds, and cuffs 3. Describe the iconographic meaning associated with each symbol. the crown means royalty, stars on the robe shows the time of the apparition on 12/12/31, roses on the dress represents the mountains or the full truth, the sash or tassel around the waist represents virginity or some may think is a symbol of pregnancy, the blue robe represents heaven or a sign of royalty and the angel which she stands on shows that she is from heaven and sent to earth as a messenger from God, the rays of light represents the glorified body or holiness of the Virgin Mary, the cuffs on the dress with white fur means nobility, the crescent moon which she stands symbolizes the vanquishing of the Aztec deity that they worshipped, the prayer hands represents that there is even someone greater than Her, and the clouds represent heaven.  4. What event is the image based upon?  The event is based upon the conquering or down fall of the Aztecs by the Spaniards which brought an end to human sacrifices, a pagan religion, and the worship of a serpent god, and introduced them to the Catholic religion. Here is a list of sites that I visited for information: 
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