The Virgin and the Gipsy

Topics: Love, Novel, Protagonist Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Yvette is the main character of the novel “The Virgin and the Gipsy”. Despite of that fact, the author doesn’t describe her appearance in details, the reader can form her image mostly because of her actions, thoughts, mimicry and relationships with other characters. For instance: “She was always out to parties and dances, friends came for her in their motor cars, and off she went to the city; yet she always seemed like a creature mesmerized; At home, she truly was irritable, and outrageously rude.” She always differs from others not only her behavior, but her appearance and feelings. The author often compare Yvette with some flowers: “Like a mysterious early flower…like a snowdrop…full-opened virginity, entranced like a snowdrop in the sunshine, was upon her”. He shows us her lightness, tenderness and her virginity. Yvette’s relationships with the characters are described animatedly. Firstly, the attitude to the family.

“The rector adored Yvette, and spoiled her with a doting fondness…” Her father always wants to protect her from the external world. Due to that fact she wants to break the rules and become more independent. Yvette doesn’t like to be under the control, she is impulsive and childlike. During the whole novel the author calls her a child. “The childlike, sleep-waking eyes of her moment of perfect virginity looked into his, unseeing…” That description shows her as a pure young girl, but with the influence of the adolescence maximalism. As for Granny, Yvette really hates her and calls her “awful idol of old flesh”. Yvette shows her awful attitude and hatred to Aunt Cissie and Granny, except her sister Lucille. She is very close with her. In spite of that fact, she feels loneliness and dreams about a freedom. She hates this grey house, the authority of the Mater, the awful smells. Everything changes when she meets the Gypsy. “Yvette’s heart gave a jump” After her first meeting with the gypsy, she dreams about life in caravan, but all in all...
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