Book Review of Fire from the Rock by Sharon M Draper

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Fire from The Rock

The book Fire From The Rock by Sharon M. Draper is a historical fiction

that is a must have to read it keep you engaged to keep reading the book in the story

there’s a girl name Sylvia Patterson that’s looks forward to high school the new

changes to her life, Sylvia was one of the first African American that integration

that got pick to go to Central High School whether whites like it or not , Sylvia

knew that going to this school would have big changes to her in her family life. the

smoldering racial town ignites into a huge mess.

Sylvia Faye was a African American girl that live in Little

Rock, Arkansas in 1957. Sylvia Patterson is fifteen-years old. She attended

a local school called Horace Mann High School /Sylvia was a good girl did

nothing bad to nobody she was a wonderful in caring student, one day in

class Ms.Ethel Washington , told the class that the integration would take place

this year in there city in there school is making a list of good kids with great

wonderful graders that students will want to go to Central High School , Central

High School was a school full of white kids that did not want blacks to go to school

with the next up coming school year. would be separated from lifelong friends

including a new boyfriend, excluded from social activities at school, and worse,

subjected to threats and, possibly, violence. Sylvia is torn between wanted to bring

about change and wanting to remain safe and happy in the life she has always

Sylvia has a older brother name Gray, Gray have been acting up lately since

he have not been pick to go to Central, Gray thinks he should have got pick instead

of his little sister Sylvia. Sylvia in Reggie have been going out for sometime, ever

since Sylvia has been going out with Reggie, Reggie have been...
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